Wrentham Lions Club

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This Leos Club was chartered by the Wrentham Lions Club and consistsof high school and junior high school students in the King Philip Regional School District. This district is made up of the towns of Wrentham, Norfolk and Plainville.

The Leo Club motto is: "...to provide the youth of the world (with) an opportunity for development and contribution, individually and collectively, as responsible members of the local, national and international community."

The Leo club stand for:

Leadership - Leos develop skills as organizers, time managers and motivators of their peers.

Experience - Leos learn the importance of cooperation through community service.

Opportunity - Membership provides young people with a chance to excel, to develop positive character traits, and to receive recognition for their contributions to the community.

Application for Leo Club Membership

To get a Microsoft Word version of the application click Here.

To get an Adobe pdf version of the application click Here.

*Contact us: kpleoclub09@gmail.com