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Helen Keller's Wrentham
Helen Keller challenged the Lions Club International to be "Knights of the Blind" back in 1925. Ever since, Lions International has proudly championed that cause.

The Wrentham Lions Club continues to follow that tradition with a knowledge that Ms. Keller had been a resident from 1904 through 1917. During that time she published The World I Live In, revealing for the first time her thoughts on her world.

This sentiment was written in a letter she wrote 74 years ago:
 "Always I look back to Wrentham as the place where I lived most serenely, where I did my work quietly, and enjoyed undisturbed the treasures of books and of nature."

Indeed, many of her letters reflected that she cherished her time in Wrentham. We, the Wrentham Lions Club, cherish her work to help those in need. This work continues through the members of this club.

Excerpted from the American Federation of the Blind website:
1896 Captain Arthur Keller dies.
Keller converts to Swedenborgianism.
Keller begins to attend Cambridge School for Young Ladies, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
1897 Keller and Sullivan leave the Cambridge School for Young Ladies and live with the family of Joseph E. Chamberlin in Wrentham, Massachusetts.
1900 Keller begins her studies at Radcliffe College, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
1902 The Story of My Life appears in serialized form in The Ladies Home Journal.
1903 The Story of My Life is published in book form.
1904 Keller graduates cum laude from Radcliffe.
Keller and Sullivan move to Wrentham, Massachusetts.
1905 Anne Sullivan and John A. Macy marry.
1906 Massachusetts Commission for the Blind appoints Keller to their committee.
1908 The World I Live In is published.
1909 Keller joins the Socialist Party.
1910 The Song of the Stone Wall is published.
1913 John A. Macy leaves Anne Sullivan Macy and Keller and goes to Europe.
1914 Out of the Dark is published.
Polly Thomson moves in with Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan Macy.
1916 Keller plans to elope with Peter Fagan.
1917 Wrentham, Massachusetts house is sold and a house in Forest Hills, New York City, is purchased.
1919 Film Deliverance is produced in Hollywood.
1919-22 Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan Macy perform on the vaudeville circuit.
1921 American Foundation for the Blind is founded.
Kate Adams Keller, Helen's mother, dies.
1924 Keller and Macy begin working at AFB.
1925 Lions Club becomes a champion for Helen Keller as "Knights of the Blind."
. . . . . .


Helen Keller made her last major public appearance in 1961 at a Washington, DC, Lions Clubs Meeting. At that meeting she received the Lions Humanitarian Award for her lifetime of service to humanity and for providing the inspiration for the adoption by Lions International of their sight conservation and aid to blind programs. During that visit to Washington, she also called on President Kennedy at the White House. After that White House visit, a reporter asked her how many of our presidents she had met. She replied that she did not know how many, but that she had met all of them since Grover Cleveland!